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How Are You Dealing with the Overwhelming Changes of Healthcare Reform?
How is a healthcare actuary different from a healthcare broker?

TPA Assist ™

Doesn’t Clarity serve as the Third Party Administrator? We are indpendent.

Advisor Assist ™

Who is Investing Your Money? Not Clarity. We are Independent.

Attorney Assist ™

Why Would Your Law Firm Partner With Clarity?

Audit Assist ™

Minimize the audit risks for you and your client.

Broker Assist ™

Why would you partner with healthcare actuaries when you provide similar consulting to your clients?

Cash Balance Administration Law Firms

Should your law firm outsource services benefit administration services to improve productivity and reduce risk?

Cash Balance Plans

Are You Maximizing Your Retirement Contributions?
You need Clarity to protect your assets using tax deferral vehicles.

Dependent Care Audit

Are You Too Dependent? We’ll Help Ensure You Do Not Overpay for Dependents

Healthcare Administration Call Center Open Enrollment

We’ll Help You Enroll Your Employees and Eliminate the Last Minute Crisis

Non-Qualified Plans

Are You Strategic About the Benefits You Provide to Your Executives?

Private Defined Benefits

You are not the only plan sponsor still offering a traditional defined benefit plan?

Private OPEB

Will your retirees have the appropriate health coverage at retirement?

Public Defined Benefits

Are you setting enough aside to cover the cost of your Defined Benefit (“DB”) pension promises made over the long-term?

Public OPEB

Are You Aware of the Liability for Your Public Retiree Health Plan?

Retirement Administration Defined Benefit Pensions

We’ll Help Reduce the Resource Drain and Pressure of Staying in Compliance

Retirement Administration Defined Contribution Plans

Are You Fully Maximizing Your Current Retirement Program?

Telemedicine Call Center

Telemedicine Call Center

Are you Afraid to Travel without Access to Your Doctor?


Are you an accounting CPA firm handling your practice’s own HR benefits?
You need Clarity during tax and audit season.


Are you a dentist handling your office’s Human Resources and benefit functions?
Clarity will give you time to focus on your patients.


Are you a doctor that handles your own administration?
You need Clarity to practice medicine.


Is your firm handling its benefits administration in house?
Clarity will assist to ensure you have a customized plan satisfying each partner.

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Not Sure if We Mean You? Are you a real estate agent, athlete, or any other small business owner? You need Clarity.