Why Is Clarity The Best Choice For You?

  • Flexibility – “Clarity is Going Virtual”: We understand the need for flexible work schedules: We are looking for remote workers in all 50 states & all countries, Globally.
           Clarity is Going Virtual means:
                  You will have the advantage of Class A space in any city Globally on any day of the week
                  Most sophisticated technology
                  As a Consultant or Practice Leader, you may start a New Office in any city in the US and/or Country!
  • Variety: We provide you with the ability to work in 25+ diverse practice areas including: Private Pension/Retirement; Private OPEB; Nonqualified; Healthcare; Government (Public DB and Public OPEB); Call Center Administration; Cash Balance
  • Career Potential: We know based on past experience, that your growth potential is exponential when you work  with 200-300+ Clarity clients in 40 states
  • Client Contact: You receive what you are now missing: direct contact with CFOs, CEOs, and HR of organisations at Intern and Analyst included, regardless of experience
  • Complete Autonomy: You manage your book of business from start-to-finish; you consult directly with the client on all matters
  • Individual Performance: You drive your career: No nebulous pay and incentive calculations – Your contribution is recognized individually, not based on the entire firm
  • No Fire-Drills: You may not believe it, and yes, we did create a consulting firm where our clients understand reasonable deadlines


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Clarity is looking for New and Experienced Actuarial and Benefit Administration Professionals for the following Positions:

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Actuarial Intern

Actuarial Analyst

Senior Actuarial Analyst

Consulting Actuary/Practice Leader-Retirement

Consulting Actuary-Healthcare

Practice Leader-Healthcare

Benefit Administration/Call Center:

Benefit Administration Intern

Benefit Administration Analyst

Benefit Administration Senior Analyst

Benefit Administration Consultant

Benefit Administration Practice Leader

Computer Programmer:

Computer Programming Intern/Analyst

Executive Assistant:

Executive Assistant/Office Supervisor