Public Defined Benefits

How Will The New Standards Highly Impact Reporting Of Your Plan and Entity’s Financial Statements?

  • Has your actuary reviewed the balance sheet and income statement for potential increases due to GASB 67 and GASB 68? Does the thought of a significant increase in your pension liability concern you?
  • Are you unacquainted with the new Required Supplementary Information (RSI) disclosure requirements?
  • What impact will the new disclosure requirements have on your relationships with your constituents?
  • Are you feeling pressured to change or modify the benefits you provide to your employees?
  • How are you going to approach setting enough aside to cover the cost of your Defined Benefit (“DB”) Pension promises made over the long term?

We Have Experience With All Governmental Entities Nationwide. You need Clarity.

  • Help you comply with the new legislation for employer accounting beginning June 15, 2013 and plan accounting beginning June 15, 2014
  • Explain and proactively guide you on options related to your funding and accounting results;  formulate a funding policy for the plan
  • Review your plan and a consult to discuss how the new standards will impact your plan at No Charge

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  • Municipality: City, County, Town, Village
  • Educational: College, School District, Community College
  • Utility:  Housing Authority, Library, Park District, Water District, Disability Board