Public OPEB

How Has the Knowledge of Your Liability for Your Public Retiree Health Plan Impacted You?

  • Do you understand the GASB 43 and GASB 45 accounting related to your retiree health and retiree life (and other non-pension benefits) in your financial statements?
  • Is the cost of your retiree health plan affordable now– and can you afford the plan in the future?
  • Should you fund this plan? Are other clients similar to my entity funding yet?
  • Are you hit with unexpected increases in liabilities?
  • Can you legally change or terminate your retiree health plan?
  • How does healthcare reform impact your financial statements?
  • Do you feel disoriented about charges during interim years you did not require a “full” valuation?
  • Are unasked questions regarding assumptions, plan provisions, and data causing errors or untimely audits?

We Have Experience With All Governmental Entities Nationwide. You need Clarity.

  • Help you act in accordance with the valuation requirements
  • Explain and proactively guide you on options related to your accounting results;  formulate a funding policy for the plan
  • Facilitate compliance with with the impending deadline for your fiscal year
  • Review your plan and a consult to discuss how to transition your plan from another provider at No Charge

Clarity Provides Services In 35 States. See Clarity Map.

  • Municipality: City, County, Town, Village
  • Educational: College, School District, Community College
  • Utility:  Housing Authority, Library, Park District, Water District, Disability Board