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Are You Maximizing Your Retirement Contributions? You need Clarity’s CHECKMATE!


  • Are you looking to reduce your taxable income each year?
  • Are you currently contributing money to a Simplified Employee Pension (“SEP”) or 401(k) or other defined contribution (“DC”) plan?
  • Perhaps you aren’t making any contributions toward retirement at all?

CHECKMATE!™ – You will soon learn how to use our tools, if you so choose.

K “401″(k)

Clarity offers a strategy for business owners to make additional pre-tax contributions toward retirement savings. This approach ”pays for itself” in tax savings while providing:

  • Contribution limits far exceeding the maximum contributions to a stand-alone 401(k), or profit sharing/DC plan
  • Ability to accumulate retirement wealth more quickly
  • Predictable benefit levels at retirement
  • More providers looking out for your best interest - as actuaries, we will partner with any existing Third Party Administrators (TPAs) involved in administering you IRC section 401(k) or other defined contribution plan.

Review this paper to see how much money a Clarity CHECKMATE!™ can save you.

see Clarity Tax Reform White Paper 

Or contact Clarity for an illustration of your options at no charge.

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