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Are You Aware Of The New Actuarial Certification and Minimum Value Requirements for Employer Health Insurance Plans?

  • Are you aware of the new Actuarial Certification and Minimum Value requirements for employer sponsored health Insurance plans?
  • Do you need Actuarial Certification to determine if a plan meets the new Minimum Value Requirement?
  • Are you aware of the immediate and impending deadlines associated with providing timely documentation to determine Minimum Value attainment and the Penalties otherwise?
  • Who is assisting you to ensure that you proactively consider and understand healthcare reform changes quickly approaching for 2014?
  • Who is reviewing your healthcare plans to ensure that they meet your organization’s culture and changing needs?
  • Are you receiving the attention you deserve from your brokers and advisors?
  • Are you considering all options related to healthcare that also impact your employees: dental, short and long-term disability, long-term care, wellness programs?
  • Do you have special benefits in place for your executives? What about when they retire?

We Have Experience With All Entities Nationwide. You need Clarity.

  • Help you understand healthcare reform changes so you can prime yourself for adjustments
  • Consult on how you can deal with the changes in the most financially proficient manner
  • Review your plan and consult to discuss how the new standards will impact your plan at No Charge

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