Private Defined Benefits

We’ll help you answer the tough questions

  • Do you feel like you are the only plan sponsor still offering a traditional defined benefit plan?
  • Do you receive timely notice and clear explanations for options that you may choose related to the cost and administration of your pension retirement plan?
  • Are you struggling to properly redesign, freeze or terminate your plan?  Who is assisting you with these decisions?
  • Who helps educate your participants and what tools are used to do so?
  • Are your advisors proactive in updating you on new regulations and providing customized solutions to meet your needs?

Have you assessed the risk involved in administering participant communications and benefit calculations? Have such procedures been reviewed by an expert?

Retirement Administration Defined Benefits

Do you have a Non-Qualified Plan? Should you review whether to install one for key executives? You need Clarity.

Nonqualified Plans